What is the energy input when

8 million glass bottles produced per day ?


In close cooperation with major customers from the glass industry, we have developed an energy management solution that records and evaluates consumption of all energy-relevant media in a company.

One of the core requirements in the project was the concrete allocation of media consumption (electricity, gas and compressed air) to the manufactured products or the individual batches.


Shows gas consumption during cylinder production

Screenshot energy consumption during bottle production. SAP interface.

What have we implemented ?

Via an interface to the SAP system, our software reads the details from the individual production orders.

We can read in all relevant media consumption via interfaces to the automation technology and our customer calculates his required key figures on this data basis.

Another special feature in this project is the consideration and inclusion of fault reasons of the individual plant components. Via a database interface, we read in the fault messages and the duration from an external system.


Screenshot power consumption

Screen shows power consumption in calendar and macro area for single day.


What is the benefit ?

Thanks to the key figures, it is now possible to determine the optimal mode of operation in production and to precisely track the effectiveness of optimization measures.


Do you have similar topics ?

Then we should definitely exchange ideas on your requirements.

Kristian Richter (M.Sc.)

Geschäftsführer Bereich Industriesoftware / Managing Director Industrial Software Department