In January and February, we will be on tour again on the subject of manufacturer-neutral energy data management.
Together with our partner Factory Software GmbH, the distributor of AVEVA software, we are on the road in several cities as part of the Energieimpuls Roadshow.

What will the topics be?

In 2024, it is of crucial importance for German industry to give top priority to Energy management systems to take care of. Rising energy costs and uncertainties on the energy market require a targeted strategy to Optimization of productionin order toCompetitiveness to secure. The Energy Efficiency Act sets out binding requirements for 2024 for authorities, companies and data centers, which they must meet in order to Optimizing your energy efficiency commit. At the same time, reducing the carbon footprint is becoming increasingly urgent as sustainable practices are increasingly demanded by customers and investors.

The following stations are currently planned:
On January 30

January 31

February 1

On February 6

On February 13

On February 14



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